Entertainment, Sports and Media

Our team is well versed in the application of a myriad of traditional legal disciplines to the world of professional and amateur sports as well as music, film, media, and the arts. We use our broad-based general experience in business law and litigation, our specialized knowledge from artist and athlete representations, and our experience in intellectual property matters and taxes to forge comprehensive representation.

Eptalex represents a broad range of clients such as production companies, managers, songwriters, record companies, performers, musicians, celebrities, talents, performers, actors, writers, directors, producers, technical crew, choreographers, dancers, photographers, athletes, sports teams, sports associations, video game creators, advertisers, broadcasters, event organizers and planners (weddings, corporate and award events, etc) and talent and art distribution services.

We guide our clients with intellectual property strategies and litigation services focused on the development, maintenance, protection and enforcement of our sports and entertainment clients’ trademarks, copyrights and publicity rights.

We are happy to bring our deep bench to negotiate and draft agreements related to touring, recording, festivals, performance, celebrity endorsement and appearance, sponsorship and product placement, production, financing, licensing and distribution content, publishing, merchandising, internet, digital media, choreography, event management, venue hire, ticketing terms and conditions, catering, hospitality, television, radio and print media, finance, production and distribution, retransmission and distribution, team agreements (talent, host, director, performers, actors, producer, executive producer, technical team etc.), media representation, social media, online, mobile and consul video games, guidelines and codes of ethics, non-disclosure agreements, and employment agreements.