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Myrna Said


Myrna Said

Practice Areas

Communication Law, Media and Intellectual Property Law, Entertainment Law.


Myrna is a partner in Touma Law Firm (BBA) where she focuses since 1996 on intellectual property matters with an emphasis on copyright, trademarks and licensing agreements.
Her areas of expertise include the media, entertainment and advertising industries.

She provides legal services and advice in various fields: television, radio, print media, electronic media, new media, mobile communication, entertainment, cinemas, visual works, videograms, music, stage production, advertising, sports events, patents and trademarks and other forms of media and intellectual property assets.

Myrna has an extensive experience in drafting and negotiating deals and arrangements of all kind, including but not limited to: license agreements (content, text, video, photo, illustration, art work, graphics, trademark, software, ring tone, footage…); acquisition, distribution and exploitation agreements of all kind of rights including option, production, adaptation, TV, radio, home video, VoD, IPTV, digital (web, mobile), ancillary and interactive rights (telephony, merchandising, on-screen sponsorship, off-screen sponsorship, endorsement, product placement, in-flight, website …); music agreements (songwriters, record label, record releases, distribution, publishing, collecting societies, synchronization license, mechanical license, public performance license…); website agreements (development and maintenance, design, linking, use policy, privacy policy, e-commerce, sales representative, user generated content, assignment of rights …); sports agreements (players, clubs, federations, retransmission, hosting, image, sponsorship …); production, co-production and executive production agreements; agreements with all contributors (format owners, scriptwriters, presenters, directors, actors, technicians ….); advertising agreement; media representation agreement; branding agreement; celebrity agreement; management agreement; performance agreement; tour agreement; play production agreement; designer agreement; publishing agreement; dubbing/sub-titling agreement; events agreements ( event management, catering, hospitality, venue hire).

She counsels and assists clients in protecting and enforcing their intellectual property rights including trademark and copyright selection, registration, use and licensing.

Myrna drafted Legal comments regarding the Lebanese Copyright law and project of amendment of such law.

She attended several seminars and public debates organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the Ministry of Economy and Trade, the Beirut Bar Association, IRPI, Erich Pommer Institut gGmbH and others, mainly on Copyright, Intellectual Property and Audiovisual Communication, Digital Distribution and Rights Clearance, in Lebanon and abroad (Arab countries, Europe).


  • Master’s Degree in Law, the Saint-Joseph University (Beirut).
  • Myrna joined the Beirut Bar Associate in 1996.
  • She is a member of the “ALAI” (“Association Littéraire et Artistique Internationale”) Paris, France since 1998.


Arabic, French, English.